Meet The Team
Matthew Chen
Founder - Chentopia Corp
Matthew is a business owner from California, CA who started his own business at age 17 while going to school. Flipping products to products and making a quick buck led to hiring 5 people and turning over hundreds of products per month.

Matthew is a digital marketing consultant who helps existing businesses grow profitably through digital marketing. His team has helped a handful of clients completely transformed their business to a new level.

Online marketing as you know can get very complex and has been a rough road for many of us. After knowing the challenges that Matthew have faced over the years, he has sticked to one principal and fast pace the learning curve for his clients.

Matthew is very selective of who he works with and only takes a  handful of clients per month which brings most of his attention to the clients that he works with. 

Miguel Lamy
Marketing Expert
Miguel has been working on the Advertising Business for the last 7 years and most of those years are working specifically in Facebook and Instagram Ads.
Managing almost a million dollars per month for my clients. Miguel have been able to bring an ROA of 4x long term.

Miguel been creating and running Successful Facebook Advertising Campaigns for Big Companies and Small Businesses for the last 7 years, that means Huge and Small Budgets and a lot of experience that comes from that. 

Miguel has worked with online business clients where my ROA goes to 6x/7X since the commissions are almost 100%, and I have clients with physical products where my ROA is around 3X/4X.

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